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Boot Camp

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Boot Camp is an outdoor training class designed to increase your speed, agility and strength. Prepare to sweat in this class!

Body Blitz

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Body Blitz is a fat burning cardio class consisting of combat, step, weight toning and abs. It’s a nonstop cardio workout with a taste of body sculpting.

Step Moves

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Step Moves generates a high powered workout with the latest step choreography. This energizing step workout will make you feel liberated and alive. A great class for fitness and fat burning.

Aqua Zumba

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Aqua Zumba is a fantastic dance fitness class utilizing the water resistance to improve your fitness and promote fat burning while you work up a dance storm in the water

Boxing Class

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Boxing Classes help to increase your speed, agility, fitness, weight loss, self defense & coordination. All equipment such as gloves and pads is provided but please bring your own cotton inners.

Zumba Gold

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Zumba Gold is a beginner’s level dance inspired fitness class. It incorporates dance styles from all around the world and is a Latin based idea that uses dance moves to work up a light to moderate sweat in a fun filled environment!

Zumba Fitness

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Zumba Fitness is an exciting dance fitness class for those wanting a faster version of zumba! Come along to groove and learn the steps to four basic rhythms merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggae tone! Bop, shake and have some fun! Come along!

Les Mills Cxworx

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Les Mills CXworx is an express half hour class which is designed to tone up those problem areas. Come along and work hard with specialized moves which will whip you into shape!

Aqua Fitness

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Aqua Fitness is a fun low impact workout designed to utilise water resistance to improve cardiovascular fitness, promote fat burning and increase muscle tone. This class is adaptable to all fitness levels.

Les Mills Body Attack

November 14, 2011AdministratorGroup0

Les Mills Body Attack is a sports inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This interval training class combines aerobic movement with strength and stabilization work.

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Located on the corner of Read St and Patterson Rd, our fully equipped fitness centre provides a range of wellness services that enable our members to achieve their health and fitness goals, in a friendly and professional environment.
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